Life Sciences – Services

We have more than 20 years of experience working with pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and device companies as well as companies who sell value-added services to these companies.  Below are some of our core service offerings.


Strategy & Business Development

While some companies can afford an internal strategy and business development team or an army of consultants, many choose to rely on their senior executives to achieve the company’s business development objectives while meeting aggressive commercial operations objectives.  Lontra Ventures can assist these senior executives by doing the following:

Growth Strategy

  • Identify unmet therapeutic needs and growth opportunities
  • Assess pipeline and portfolio gaps
  • Profile target products and partners

Transaction Support

  • Develop pitch materials
  • Assist with partner introductions
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Assist with negotiations
  • Project management
Brand/Product Management

Our  expertise centers around specialty markets in the United States, with particular depth in oncology.  We help senior executives before they have the budget to hire their first product manager, and we help product managers who do not yet have budget to hire staff.  Lontra Ventures can assist with the following:

New Product Planning

  • Tracking of current and pipeline product competitors
  • Key opinion leader identification/cultivation
  • Target package insert

Product Launch

  • Launch strategy and project management
  • Pricing/contracting strategy and implementation
  • Channel distribution strategy and implementation
  • Competitive positioning
  • Data acquisition and analytics

Life Cycle Management

  • Strategies to maximize early/mid/late-term value
  • Investigate new indications
  • Brand extensions
Market Access/National Accounts

Strong relationships with prescribers only goes so far.  In today’s market, payers, providers, and other channel entities have a strong influence over what is prescribed and what is reimbursed.  We help senior executives build out the national account function before they have budget to hire a national account leader, and we help national account leaders who do not yet have sufficient staff.  Lontra Ventures can assist with the following:

National Account/Channel Strategy

  • Account segmentation and resource planning
  • Pricing/contracting strategy
  • Identification/screening of national account managers

Payer Strategy

  • Value proposition development
  • Pricing/contracting strategy
  • Copay strategy and vendor selection
  • Reimbursement strategy and vendor selection